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Almazara Molino del Motrotón

Our company, the Molino del Motrotón oil mill, is a second-level Valencian cooperative that was founded in 1991 and comprises seven cooperatives with a membership of more than 2,100 growers who own the olive groves that supply the mill.

  • La Baronía de Turís Coop. V.
  • S.C.V.A. Virgen de los Desamparados de Yátova.
  • Agrícola de Catadau Coop. V.
  • Agrovinicola de Montserrat Coop.V.
  • Agrícola del Marquesado Coop.V. de Llombai.
  • Agrícola La Realense Coop.V. de Real de Montroi.
  • Vifrut Montroy Coop. V.

The Molino del Motrotón oil mill is an industrial facility authorized by the European Union to produce virgin olive oils under registration number 46/43801. It is currently endorsed by Industrial Health Registration no. 1602612/V, this being an essential requirement for this business activity.


More than 2,100 growers harvest their olives between November and January, transporting them to our storage facility so the production process can start on the same day they are delivered. This process, using cutting-edge machinery, is an exclusively physical procedure so no chemical additives are incorporated. The machinery has a processing capacity of 150,000 kilos of olives per day and is equipped with the latest advances for extracting olive oil.

Once the olives have been harvested and delivered by the grower, we move on to washing, crushing, churning at a low temperature and then centrifuging to separate the oil from any water, pulp or olive stones. The oil is then stored in stainless steel tanks for subsequent decanting, filtering and clarification and packaged in the same facility under different brands and in different formats ranging from 250 ml to 5 litres.


Alberto Giménez Torres


Responsible for planning production and material and human resources requirements on the production floor, as well as maintenance, cost containment and the flexibility of the production process. 

José Vicente Galindo

Production Manager

Responsible for everything concerning the production process to ensure optimum efficiency and high quality products. He also supervises the correct operation of machinery and equipment. 


Extra olive virgin oil of the highest quality