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+34 962 527 214 My account


Our facilities are equipped to crush 150,000 kilos of olives every day. The oil we obtain is stored in 18 stainless steel tanks and we have a production capacity of up to 650,000 litres.


Molino del Motrotón complies with all the organoleptic requirements necessary for classification as an “Extra Virgin Olive Oil”, especially in terms of acidity which is lower than 0.8º.


The oil mill works with several different olive varieties, including Villalonga, Blanqueta, Picual, Sollana and Arbequina.


Our olive groves stand on the lands of a number of towns in the counties of Ribera Alta and La Hoya de Buñol (Turís, Catadau, Montserrat, Llombai, Real, Montroy and Yátova), all of which are at an altitude of 100-500 metres above the level of the Mediterranean Sea. Olive trees are particularly suited to dry cropping conditions, and the special configuration of their leaves minimizes water loss.


We ship your orders direct to your home address. Deliveries take 2-4 days, depending on your location in Spain. You also have the option of collecting your order at our facilities. For deliveries outside Spain, please contact us for details.


The equipment in our oil mill means that the oil can be produced in a continuous system involving two phases. This method of extracting the oil is always done by physical means, with the result that there are never any chemical additives.


The “Molino del Motrotón” oil mill is a second-level Valencian cooperative that was founded in 1991. Made up of seven cooperatives, our oil mill works with the harvests of more than 2,000 growers who tend their olive groves to obtain the best possible olive harvest every year.

Our extra-virgin olive oil represents the hard work of all these growers and their employees and complies with the strict harvesting and production regulations laid down by our Governing Council, key elements of which include the crushing of the olives on the same day they are harvested, the separation of olives gathered from the ground and from the trees, and pest control, thus ensuring a well-oiled production process and optimum storage. This quality control of the entire process enables us to produce oils with low acidity and outstanding organoleptic properties that achieve high marks from tasting panels.



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